What is Backlink Index

Backlink Index is an Online Catalogue of Content Marketing Websites who wish to share backlinks and collaborate for Mutually Beneficial SEO purposes.

Using Backlink Index, bloggers and businesses can discover and connect with other bloggers and business owners to collaborate on Content Marketing and Backlink Building.

Backlink Index is an Index of Content Marketing Websites which are currently open to approach for FREE Collaborations – whether that be Guest Posting, or Backlink Placements and Backlink Sharing Agreements.

All sites listed on Backlink Index should be offering FREE Collaborations. This resource is designed and provided to foster free collaboration and link building relationships to help blogs and online businesses to grow.

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“ Using Backlink Index, we were able to find and then reach out to other blogs within our market niche.
This helped us make contact with other sites and start collaborating to build our backlinks quickly and for free! “

What you can do with Backlink Index

  • Browse for New Market Niches

    Search and scroll through the Backlink Index directory to find your target market niche(s), or even niched which you hadn't thought of before!
    Backlink Index makes use of an A-Z directory of industries, and is continuously adding new market niches underneath the main industry verticals over time.

  • Search for Content Sites in Your Niche

    Use Backlink Index to find and discover sites within your niche which you might not have known about.
    These sites could easily be great new partners for your backlink building strategies and content marketing campaigns.

  • Contact Site Publishers in Your Niche

    Every site listed on Backlink Index should have a contact point included in their listing.
    Once you've found a site which is relevant and valuable to you - use this contact point and reach out to start the conversation about collaborating together.

  • Build Backlinks: Guest Posting

    One of the top ways to build your backlink profile is through guest posting (the act of having another site publish content which you have written for them, and which contains relevant and appropriate links back to yours).
    Sites listed on Backlink Index are open to approach and proposals for free guest blogs.

  • Build Backlinks: Link Placements

    Another great way to build your backlink profile is through link placements on other websites.
    You can use Backlink Index to contact relevant sites and make an arrangement with them for them to link back to your domain and or specific pages, through text links, image and video.
    Sites listed on Backlink Index are open to approach and proposals for free backlink placements.

  • Build Backlinks: SME Citations

    An alternative way to grow your backlink profile is to find content or news sites within your market niche, and offer to provide comments or quotes on key subjects which they have written about.
    The quotes / citations can then cite your name or website, and include a backlink to your preferred destination.

  • Find More of Your Target Audience

    Using Backlink Index, you can also find more of your target audience by discovering blogs and news sites where they hang out.
    If you're a content marketer who is trying to grow consideration for your product or service, or drive sales and conversion - then finding out what your target audience is reading online can be a big help.

  • Free, Not Paid

    We promote goodwill and free collaborations between content marketing peers.
    Users of Backlink Index should not be charging for their backlinks or guest posts.
    Paid backlink building is against the terms of Google and other search engines, and it also isn't an open or fair playing field.
    We're here to help with that.

  • Benchmark Your Site Against The Market

    Discover competitor sites within your niche and analyze their content, SEO standings, DA etc.
    This then enables you to benchmark yourself against them and see where you currently stand.

Why Use Backlink Index?

  • Free To Use, Free To Grow - No Fees & No Charges

    Backlink Index is free to use - both for those listing their sites, and for bloggers and content marketers looking to connect.
    We don't believe in charging for backlinks or guest posts, so we make our money through affiliate links, product promotions, partnerships and paid services elsewhere (see: GetOnSearch.com)

  • Regularly Updated, and with Awesome Support

    We do our best to maintain a fast growing Backlink Index and respond to new applications on a daily basis.
    If you'd like to talk to us - we'd love to hear from you, either through our Contact Us page, or any of our Social Channels.

  • Built by Content Marketers, for Content Marketers

    Backlink Index was built by a team of online entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners - all looking for ways to leverage the web and connect with others to grow their SEO rankings.
    That mission continues, and we hope to continue connecting with and providing value to likeminded people.

  • Up to 5 Free Backlinks per Listing

    Get free backlinks from the BacklinkIndex.com domain instantly once your listing is approved and published.
    Each listing typically contains up to 5 backlinks - 2 backlinks direct to your site domain, and then up to 3 to named posts / pages which you provide and specify.

  • Grow Your Backlink Profile - Fast

    Finding complimentary sites, reaching out to them and agreeing a collaboration and backlink placements takes time and effort.
    Backlink Index makes it much faster and easier to make these connections and secure new backlinks by doing the discovery work for you and listing only sites who are open to backlink building, guest posting and other collabs.

  • Give Back & Help other Content Marketers

    Each time you use Backlink Index and connect with peers to collaborate, you help to support and foster an online community of bloggers and entrepreneurs.
    Don't just take backlinks - pay it back and make valuable connections and relationships with other bloggers and business owners.

  • Editor, Which Freelancer


    “ What an awesome site and resource! Using Backlink Index has really helped to kickstart and grow out backlink outreach efforts and our backlink profile is certainly benefitting from that already. I'm very happy to make backlink placements when it's being reciprocated. ”

  • Editor, WFHReview.com


    “ When I started WFHReview.com and took my first steps into SEO and backlink building I was disappointed to be faced with the prospect of having to pay for backlinks. Backlink Index is a great way to start out and grow backlinks through community and collaborations. ”

  • Editor, CryptoPutSimply.com


    “ How did the blogging community not think of this sooner! Paying for backlinks when you're just starting is a big hurdle, often prohibitive for many, and building relationships for backlink collabs takes time - but Backlink Index makes this so much easier... ”

How Do I Get My Site Added To Backlink Index?

Backlink Index is a FREE Resource. We do not charge for site listings.

However we do require that your site is genuine, well maintained, malware free, and offers value to both web users and search engines.

We do not accept applications from, or list websites containing content any of the following restricted subjects: Pornography, Drug Misuse and Abuse, Self Harm and Abuse, Racism and Hate Speech, Violence (excluding recognized combat sports), Human or Animal Abuse of any kind, Scams or Exploitation Schemes, Modern Slavery. We may also update this list periodically, at our discretion.

We also require that you submit any application in our preferred format (See: Site Listing Format for Application).

There are no limits imposed upon number of websites submitted by each person or business entity - however do consider prioritising, as our processing time can be significant if we have a backlog and long list of applications.

All applications are screened individually by a member of our team, however if we do miss a breach of our terms, or the content of your site changes after listing, we reserve the right to de-list at our discretion.

Before you jump straight into an application, be sure to check out our Guide on How To Get Listed on Backlink Index & How to Use Backlink Index to Build Great Backlinks in 2021

To Apply to have your site listed on Backlink Index -

Please use our Application Form and submit in the format specified (check here), thank you.