A-Z List of Industries & Content Marketing Niches – Updated 2021

A-Z List of Industries & Content Marketing Niches

Quick Links – Table of Industries

1Administrative Activities & Support Services
2Advisory & Consultancy Services
3Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
4Arts & Entertainment
6Consumer Goods & Consumer Activities
8Energy Generation & Supply
9Financial Services & Financial Products
10Health & Social Work
11Hospitality & Food Service
12Information & Communication
14Mining & Quarrying
15Online Communities & General Interest
16Online Retail
17Other Service Activities
18Other (All Other)
19Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities
20Real Estate Activities
21Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure & Contractors
22Sports, Recreation & Leisure
24Transportation & Storage
25Water Supply & Management
26Wholesale & Retail Trade

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1 – Administrative Activities & Support Services

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Administrative Activities and Support Services Industry.

Agricultural Machinery Equipment (Rental & Leasing)
Air Transport Equipment (Rental & Leasing)
Cars, Trucks and Vans (Rental & Leasing)
Construction Equipment (Rental & Leasing)
Corporate Travel Services
Debt Collection
Document Management Services
Document Preparation Services
Employment Placement Agencies and Recruitment
Executive Search Recruiters and Recruitment
General Building Cleaning
Healthcare Staff Recruitment
Human Resources
Industrial Cleaning
Landscaping Services
Office Equipment (Rental & Leasing)
Packaging Services
Pest Control
Security Systems
Temporary Employment Agencies and Recruitment
Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
Wedding Venues
Window Cleaning

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2 – Advisory & Consultancy Services

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Advisory and Consultancy Services Industry.

Commercial Real Estate Agents and Consultancy
Digital Advertising
Environmental Consultants
Graphic Design
Healthcare Consultants
IT Security Consulting and Cyber Security
Marketing Consultants
Online Stock Brokerages
Outsourcing Services
Residential Real Estate Agents
Shared Office Spaces and Facilities
Student Accommodation
Web Design Services

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3 – Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Industry.

Beef Cattle Farming
Cereals, Crops & Seeds
Dairy Cattle Raising
Flower & Plant Growing
Forestry & Logging
Fruit Growing
Hops Farming
Marine Fishing
Organic Crop Farming
Organic Livestock Farming
Potato Farming
Poultry Raising
Sheep Farming
Vegetable Growing

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4 – Arts & Entertainment

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Arts and Entertainment Industry.

Arts Galleries
Amusement and Theme Parks
Botanical and Zoological Gardens
Gambling and Betting
Horse and Sports Betting
Libraries, Archives, Museums and Cultural Activities
Museums and Archaeological Sites
Online Gambling Services
Party and Event Planners

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5 – Construction

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Construction Industry.

Bridge and Tunnel Construction
Building Developments
Civil Engineering
Commercial Building Construction
Dam, Harbour and Other Water Projects
Electricity and Telecommunications Infrastructure
Floor and Wall Coverings
Glazing (Windows)
Infrastructure Maintenance Services
Joinery Installation, Woodwork and Carpentry
Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
Railway and Underground Railway Construction
Residential Building Construction
Road and Motorway Construction
Roofing Activities
Scaffolding Services
Site Preparation
Test Drilling and Boring (Groundworks)
Water Mains and Sewer Systems

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6 – Consumer Goods & Consumer Activities

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Consumer Goods and Consumer Activities Industry.

Alcohol (All)
Athletic Shoes
Bakery and Cafes
Bicycle Retailing (Cycling Stores)
Budget Airlines
Car Parks
Craft Beer and Craft Beer Production
Dating Services
E-Book Publishing (Digital Books)
Food Markets
Gin and Gin Production
Internet Publishing and Broadcasting
Internet Service Providers
LED Lighting
Luxury Products, Luxury Retailers, and Department Stores
Music Downloading and Streaming Services
Music Production (Major and Independent Labels)
Non-Dairy Milk and Non-Dairy Milk Production
Off-Road Vehicles
Pay TV Providers
Social Media Platforms
Video Downloading and Streaming Services
Vodka and Vodka Production
Whisky and Whisky Production
Wine, Wine Production, and Wine Bars

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7 – Education

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Education Industry.

Driving Schools (Learner Drivers)
General Secondary Education
Online Education and Training Courses
Pre-Primary Education and Nurseries
Primary Education
Technical and Vocational Education
Universities and Colleges

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8 – Energy Generation & Supply

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Energy Generation and Supply Industry.

Energy Generation and Supply (General)
Electricity Production, Distribution, and Supply
Gas Supply and Distribution
Renewable Electricity Generation (General)

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9 – Financial Services & Financial Products

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Financial Services and Financial Products Industry.

Primary NicheSites where this is a Secondary / Additional Niche
Actuarial Consulting
Agricultural Insurance
Alternative Banking (Neo Banks and Challenger Banks)Alternative Banking (Additional Niches)
BanksBanks (Additional Niches)
Building Societies
Business and Money
Car Insurance (Classic, Commercial, Industrial etc.)
Credit Cards
Debit Cards
Dental Insurance
Financial Advisers
Health and Medical Insurance
Hedge Funds
Home Insurance
Insurance Agents and Brokers
Insurance (General)
Investment Banking and Trusts
Life Insurance
Mortgage Brokers
Personal FinancePersonal Finance (Additional Niches)
Property Insurance
Security and Commodity Contracts Brokerages
Stock and Commodity Exchanges (Stock Exchanges)Stock and Commodity Exchanges (Additional Niches)

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10 – Health & Social Work

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Health and Social Work Industry.

Allied Healthcare Services
Child Day Care Centres
Cosmetic Surgeons and Clinics
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Dental Practices
General Medical Practices
Health and Wellness Spas
Hospices and Palliative Care Centres
Hospitals and Emergency Rooms (Accident & Emergency)
Learning Disability, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities
Optometry Services
Residential Nursing Care
Retirement Homes
Social Services for the Elderly and People with Disabilities
Specialist Medical Practices
Telehealth Services
Urgent Care Centres

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11 – Hospitality & Food Service

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Hospitality and Food Service Industry.

Asian Restaurants
Air BnB
Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
Budget Hotels
Cafes and Coffee Shops
Caravan and Camping Sites
Catering Services and Contractors
Fast Food Franchises
Food Delivery Services
Hotels and Holiday Accommodation
Luxury Accommodation
Pizza and Italian Restaurants
Pubs and Bars
Sandwich Stores
Takeaway and Fast-Food Restaurants
Youth Hostels

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12 – Information & Communication

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Information and Communication Industry.

App Development
Audiobook Publishing
Book Publishing
Cinemas and Theatres
Computer Consultants
Computer Game Publishing
Cyber Security Software Development
Data Processing and Hosting Services
Film, Video and TV Programme Production, Programming and Distribution
Financial Technology
Internet Radio Broadcasting
Internet Service Providers
Magazine Publishers
News Agencies and Newspaper Publishing
Radio Broadcasting
Search Engines
Software Development
Sound Recording and Music Publishing
Telecommunications Resellers
Telecommunications Carriers

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13 – Manufacturing

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Manufacturing Industry.

Aircraft, Engine and Parts Manufacturing
Aluminium Production
Animal Feed Production
Battery Manufacturing
Bearing and Gear Manufacturing
Beer Production
Bicycle Manufacturing
Boat Manufacturing
Bottled Water Production
Bread and Bakery Goods Production
Breakfast Cereals
Brick and Tile Manufacturing
Butter and Cheese Production
Cardboard Packaging and Paper Bag Manufacturing
Ceramic Tile Manufacturing
Cheese Production
Chemical Product Manufacturing
Chocolate, Cocoa and Confectionery Production
Cider Production
Clothing Manufacturing
Coffee Processing
Communication Equipment Manufacturing
Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
Consumer Electronics Manufacturing
Copper Production
Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
Electric Motor, Generator and Transformer Manufacturing
Electrical Appliance Manufacturing
Electrical Equipment Repair and Maintenance
Electronic Component Manufacturing
Electronic Wire and Cable Manufacturing
Engine and Turbine Manufacturing
Essential Oil Manufacturing
Explosives Manufacturing
Footwear Manufacturing
Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Furniture Manufacturing
Game and Toy Manufacturing
Glue and Adhesives Manufacturing
Household Textile and Soft Furnishing Manufacturing
Ice Cream Production
Iron and Steel Manufacturing
Jewellery Manufacturing
Juice Production
Kitchen Furniture Manufacturing
Lawn and Garden Equipment Manufacturing
Lead, Zinc and Tin Production
Luggage, Handbags and Harness Manufacturing
Machinery Repair and Maintenance
Mattress Manufacturing
Meat Processing
Medical and Dental Instrument Manufacturing
Metal Door and Window Manufacturing
Metal Forging, Pressing and Stamping
Milk and Cream Production
Mining, Quarrying and Construction Machinery Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Manufacturing
Motorcycle Manufacturing
Non-Ferrous Metal Production
Nuclear Fuel Processing
Office and Shop Furniture Manufacturing
Oil and Fat Production
Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment Manufacturing
Paint, Coatings and Printing Ink Manufacturing
Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing
Paper Stationery Manufacturing
Pasta Product Manufacturing
Perfume and Cosmetics Manufacturing
Pesticide and Other Agrochemical Manufacturing
Petroleum Refining
Plastic Packing Goods Manufacturing
Potato Crisps and Snacks Production
Poultry Meat Processing
Precious Metals Production
PrintingPrinting (Additional Niches)
Recreational Boat and Yacht Building
Respiratory Protection Equipment Manufacturing
Safe and Vault Manufacturing
Sanitary Product Manufacturing
Seafood Processing
Skincare Product Manufacturing
Soap and Detergent Manufacturing
Soft Drink Production
Spirit Production
Sporting Goods Manufacturing
Steel Manufacturing
Stone Cutting, Shaping and Finishing
Sugar Production
Tank, Reservoir and Metal Container Manufacturing
Tea Processing
Telephone Equipment Manufacturing
Textile Weaving and Finishing
Tool Manufacturing
Trailer, Caravan and Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing
Tyre Manufacturing
Underwear Manufacturing
Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturing
Weapon and Ammunition Manufacturing
Wine Production
Wooden Container Manufacturing
Workwear Manufacturing
Yoghurt and Other Dairy Product Processing

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14 – Mining & Quarrying

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Mining and Quarrying Industry.

Chemical and Fertiliser Mineral Mining
Coal Mining
Crude Petroleum Extraction
Diamond Mining
Gold Mining
Gravel, Sand and Clay Extraction
Natural Gas Extraction
Petroleum and Natural Gas Support Activities
Precious Metals Mining and Extraction
Salt Extraction
Stone Quarrying

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15 – Online Communities & General Interest

List of Content Marketing Niches across various Online Communities.

Primary NicheSites where this is a Secondary / Additional Niche
AmazonAmazon (Additional Niches)
Animal Welfare
BlockchainBlockchain (Additional Niches)
BloggingBlogging (Additional Niches)
Content MarketingContent Marketing (Additional Niches)
Consumer BankingConsumer Banking (Additional Niches)
CryptocurrencyCryptocurrency (Additional Niches)
DropshippingDropshipping (Additional Niches)
EcommerceEcommerce (Additional Niches)
Email Marketing
EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship (Additional Niches)
FreelancingFreelancing (Additional Niches)
Health and WellbeingHealth and Wellbeing (Additional Niches)
Home Improvements
Home WorkingHome Working (Additional Niches)
Human Rights
InvestingInvesting (Additional Niches)
MoneyMoney (Additional Niches)
Music Production
Online MarketingOnline Marketing (Additional Niches)
Online ShoppingOnline Shopping (Additional Niches)
Personal Training
Plant Based Diets
PoliticsPolitics (Additional Niches)
Print On Demand
ProductivityProductivity (Additional Niches)
Project Management
Remote WorkingRemote Working (Additional Niches)
Social Media
Web and Internet TechnologiesWeb and Internet Technologies (Additional Niche)
Website BuildersWebsite Builders (Additional Niche)
Website Domain NamesWebsite Domain Names (Additional Niche)
Website HostingWebsite Hosting (Additional Niche)

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16 – Online Retail

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Online Retail Industry.

Primary NicheSites where this is a Secondary / Additional Niche
Online Book Retailers
Online Car Dealers and Automotive Goods Retailers
Online Computer and Tablet Retailers
Online Footwear Retailers
Online Grocery Retailers
Online Men’s Clothing Retailers
Online MerchandiseOnline Merchandise (Additional Niches)
Online Perfume and Cosmetics Retailers
Online Small Electrical Appliance Retailers
Online Sports Clothing Retailers
Online Travel Agencies
Online Vitamin and Supplement Retailing
Online Women’s Clothing Retailers

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17 – Other Service Activities

List of Content Marketing Niches in the (Other Service Activities) Industry.

Computer and Computer Equipment Repair
Dry-Cleaning and Other Cleaning Services
Footwear and Leather Goods Repair
Funeral Activities
Furniture and Home Furnishings Repair
Hairdressing and Beauty Treatment
Household Appliance and Garden Equipment Repair
Saunas and Solariums
Watch and Jewellery Repair

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18 – Other (All Other)

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19 – Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities Industry.

Accounting and Auditing
Advertising Agencies
Architectural Activities and Services
Consultant Engineering Services
Corporate Law Firms
Financial Management
Forensic Accounting Services
Interior Design
Legal and Law
Management Consultants
Market Research
Occupational Health and Safety
Photographic Activities
Procurement Outsourcing Services
Public Relations and Communications
Research Services
Tax Consultants
Technical Testing and Analysis
Third-Party Logistics
Urban Planning and Landscape Architectural Services
Veterinary Services

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20 – Real Estate Activities

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Real Estate Industry.

Conference Centres
Estate Agents
Property Management Services
Serviced Offices (Shared Office Spaces)

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21 – Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure & Contractors

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure and Contractors Industry.

Construction Contractors
Hazardous Waste Collection, Treatment and Disposal
Healthcare Construction
Precision Engineering
Property Remodelling
Quantity Surveyors
Solar Panel Installation
Tunnel Construction

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22 – Sports, Recreation & Leisure

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Sports, Recreation and Leisure Industry.

American Football
Football (Soccer)
Golf Courses
Gyms and Fitness Centres
Horse Racing Activities
Personal Trainers
Pilates and Yoga Studios
Recreational and Sports Goods (Rental and Leasing)
Sports Facilities
Sports Clubs
Winter Sports

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23 – Technology

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Technology Industry.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping
Agriculture Systems
Alternative Fuels
Business Intelligence and Analytics Software
CRM Systems
Database, Storage and Backup Software
Digital PrintingDigital Printing (Additional Niches)
Fleet Telematics Systems
Fraud Detection Software
Fuel Cards
HR and Payroll Software
Identity Theft Protection
Immersive Technology
Language Learning Software
LED Applications
Lithium Battery Applications
Marketing Technology
Mobile Game Development
Online Food Ordering and Delivery Platforms
Online Recruitment Sites
Operating Systems
Payment Service Providers and Payment Systems
Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms
Point of Sale Hardware and Software
Productivity Software
Real-Time Traffic Information Providers
Scrap Metal Recycling
Smart Meters
Software Testing Services
Speech and Voice Recognition Software
Tax Preparation Software
Tyre and Rubber Recycling
Video Games

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24 – Transportation & Storage

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Transportation and Storage Industry.

Buses, Coaches and Tramways
Cargo Handling
Courier Services
Freight Air Transport
Freight Forwarding and Customs Agents
Freight Rail Transport
Freight Road Transport
International Airlines
Passenger Air Transport
Rail Transport
Pipeline Transport
Postal Services
Removal Services
Roadside Vehicle Assistance
Sea and Coastal Freight
Sea and Coastal Passenger Transport
Taxi Operations
Warehousing and Storage

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25 – Water Supply & Management

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Water Supply and Management Industry.

Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling
Non-Hazardous Waste Collection
Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
Sorted Material Recovery and Recycling
Waste Management Services
Water Collection, Treatment and Supply

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26 – Wholesale & Retail Trade

List of Content Marketing Niches in the Wholesale and Retail Trade Industry.

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
Alcoholic Beverages
Antique Stores
Audio and Video Equipment Retailers
Baby and Infant Clothing Stores
Bakery Product Retailing
Bed and Mattress Retailers
Book Retailers
Bridal Stores
Car Wash and Motor Vehicle Detailing
Carpet, Rug and Curtain Retailers
Chemical Products
Chemists (See also: Drugstores and Pharmacists)
Clothing and Footwear
Clothing Retailing (General)
Coffee, Tea and Spices
Commercial Art Galleries
Computer and Gaming Products
Computer and Peripheral Equipment
Construction Supplies
Convenience Stores
Cosmetics and Toiletries Retailers
Cosmetics Retailers
Dairy Products
Department Stores
Direct Selling and Marketing
Drugstores (See also: Chemists and Pharmacists)
Duty-Free Stores
Electrical Household Appliances
Electronic and Telecommunications Equipment
Fitness and Athletic Clothing
Flowers and Plants
Footwear Retailers
Formal Menswear Retailers
Fruit and Vegetable Retailers
Fruits and Vegetables
Fuels, Industrial Chemicals and Metals Agents
Furniture and Hardware
Furniture, Carpet and Lighting
Furniture, Lighting and Homeware Retailers
Garden Centres
Grocery Markets
Hardware and Home Improvement Stores
Hardware, Plumbing and Heating Equipment
Household Appliances and Televisions
Ice Cream Stores
Jewellery and Watch Stores
Juices, Mineral Waters and Soft Drinks
Kitchen and Cookware Stores
Leather, Hide and Skin
Lingerie Stores
Live Animals
Machine Tools
Medical and Orthopaedic Supplies Retailers
Metal and Metal Ore
Mining, Construction and Civil Engineering Machinery
Mobile Telephone Retailers
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
Motor Vehicle Parts Retailers
Motor Vehicle Parts Wholesaling
Motor Vehicle Windscreen Repair Services
Motorcycle Sales and Repair
Musical Instrument Retailers
New Car and Light Motor Vehicle Dealerships
Newsagents and Stationery Stores
Office Furniture
Online Alcohol Retailing
Online Auction Sites
Online Glasses and Contact Lens Retailing
Online Greetings Card Retailers
Online Home Furnishing Retailing
Online Pet Food and Pet Supply Retailing
Online Women’s Clothing Retailing
Organic Food Retailing
Pawn Shops
Perfume and Cosmetics
Pet Food
Pet Shops
Petrol Stations
Pets and Pet Supplies Retailers
Pharmacists (See also: Drugstores and Chemists)
Plus-Size Women’s Clothing Stores
Promotional Product Distribution
Safety Equipmentand Supplies
Seafood Retailers
Second-Hand Goods Stores
Sporting and Outdoor Equipment Retailers
Tobacco Products
Tobacco Shops
Toy Retailing
Used Car and Light Motor Vehicle Dealerships
Waste and Scrap
Watches and Jewellery

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